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Sports Physicals

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Playing sports great way to stay in shape at any age, but can take a serious toll on an unprepared body. To make sure you’re fit to participate in sports or other extreme exercise regimens, Nather Ansari, MD, at Primary & Urgent Care offers sports physicals and other wellness exams to families in Stafford, Fredericksburg, and Massaponax, Virginia. Dr. Ansari is authorized the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to perform medical examinations for immigration and naturalizations, and the Department of Transportation (DOT) examinations. To schedule your sports physical, call Primary & Urgent Care today.

Sports Physicals Q & A

What are sports physicals?

Sports physicals are a type of checkup used to evaluate athletes’ readiness to play sports. Participating in sports is a great way for children, adolescents, and even adults to stay in shape, but they can be very physically demanding.

At your sports physical, Dr. Ansari makes sure that playing a sport is safe for you and won’t compromise your health.

Who needs a sports physical?

It’s a common misconception that sports physicals are reserved for kids and serious athletes, but almost anyone with an active lifestyle can benefit from the occasional sports physical. You should get a sports physical if you:

  • Are starting a new sport
  • Are returning to a sport after an offseason
  • Have a new exercise routine
  • Are signing up for an exercise class

Most states in the United States require student-athletes to get sports physicals before participating in school sports. If you’re not a student, sports physicals give you peace of mind about taking part in rigorous physical activity.

What can I expect during my sports physical appointment?

At your sports physical appointment, you’ll have to answer some questions about your medical history. If you’re bringing your child in for a sports physical, it can be helpful for you to be in the room to fill in the blanks, as you know their family history as well. You should report any past injuries and illnesses at this time.

The second part of a sports physical is the physical examination. You must perform a series of tests to evaluate your flexibility, strength, heart health, breathing, vision, and more. After evaluating your results, Dr. Ansari determines if you’re fit to play your sport or if you need more testing.

Why else might I need a physical exam?

Sports physicals are necessary for athletes, but they’re no substitute for regular physical exams. Regular physical wellness exams go beyond the scope of health that can impact your ability to play sports, and they can help Dr. Ansari diagnose conditions early.

Another type of physical exam is an immigration physical. These exams are for people moving into the United States from another country. During an immigration physical, you’re tested for diseases or conditions that prevent your ability to become a citizen and your vaccinations are updated.

Starting a new sport for yourself or your child is exciting, but jumping in without first getting a sports physical can leave you at risk for an injury. Call Primary & Urgent Care today.